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Blackburne’s approach for Ocean Village Shopping centre is to create a new neighbourhood centre the community can enjoy. After acquiring the site in 2022, we have undertaken extensive consultation to understand the needs of the community, which has identified a requirement for a renewed centre, based on the current state of the site. Drawing on the community’s feedback, we are developing a plan for a sustainable development that caters to everyday needs, whilst providing social amenity and high quality housing options.

A new neighbourhood centre

Renewal for City Beach.

To preserve the character of local suburbs, the Town of Cambridge is encouraging renewal of neighbourhood centres such as Ocean Village. The site has long been identified as suitable for a new neighbourhood centre, which will include extensive landscaping, inviting public spaces, a high-quality supermarket, diverse dining options and appropriate housing. Blackburne’s plan is to work towards a more social and economic future for the local community.

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A local team.

Collaborating with local designers and landscape architects, we aim to breathe life back into the Ocean Village site, with a new neighbourhood centre that serves the needs of local residences and the wider community.

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We know there is a keen interest in seeing new amenity, and our intention is to consult extensively with the community before progressing with any conceptual design. These Frequently Asked Questions will be updated as the process evolves in the coming months.

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