A new neighbourhood centre

Bringing new life to the village.

We hope to create a vibrant neighbourhood centre that brings new life to Ocean Village Park for the whole community. The Ocean Village site has long been identified as the ideal place for a new neighbourhood centre with new retail and hospitality offerings, public spaces and residential dwellings.

The team at Blackburne is privileged to be part of this significant project in such an idyllic location.

A community focused consultation process.

Since acquiring the Ocean Village site in 2022, Blackburne has conducted extensive consultation to understand the needs of the local community, with consideration of the new neighbourhood centre.

This process has been positive and informative, validating observations about the lack of patronage of the centre at present, and providing rich insights about the potential for what the site could be for years to come.

Community feedback has consistently identified a need for:

  • A renewed neighbourhood centre, with high quality hospitality and retail operators, including a local supermarket.
  • An open ground floor experience that enhances use of the neighbouring park to the north.
  • Well-designed residences to meet the increasing demand from local owner occupiers seeking appropriate housing options.
  • Careful consideration for traffic, waste management and other practical matters to ensure neighbouring amenity is preserved.

Exploring a new concept.

Key planning pillars

Drawing on the insights from the consultation process, Blackburne is preparing a plan that seeks to:

  • Create a vibrant open retail and hospitality precinct to provide essential needs and social amenity.
  • Deliver an environmentally sustainable development, enhancing neighbouring parks for the entire community to use.
  • Provide high quality housing options to meet an increasing demand from local residents.
  • Celebrate the local character of the neighbourhood and preserve the unique identity of the suburb.
  • Embrace sustainable design principles to achieve a 5-star green star rating.


Inviting public spaces 

A range of options will be considered to deliver a well planned, publicly accessible ground floor area, with attractive spaces for the whole community to enjoy.

Considered landscape architecture and significant planting will play an integral role in creating an inviting space that everyone will enjoy spending time in.


Sustainable by design 

Environmental, economic and social sustainability are critical dimensions that will underpin the new neighbourhood centre.

Rather than contributing to the excessive expansion of the metropolitan area, the reinvigoration of existing sites in connected locations leverage existing infrastructure, support economic growth for local businesses and create employment opportunities.

The supermarket, restaurants and cafes planned for the centre will see the local community begin to realise a benefit from the site, whilst the central garden space will provide a much needed social space for local residents and visitors and reactivate Ocean Village Park.