Engagement process

Understanding the planning framework.

All local authorities are guided by the Perth and Peel planning frameworks, which seek to define urban development over the next 30 years. The key aim is to mitigate urban sprawl, which is not sustainable, and to support greater housing diversity to meet changing community needs.

Prior to 2021, the Town of Cambridge conducted extensive public consultation, which identified a strong preference for neighbourhood precincts at suitable locations to encourage new housing, foster economic development and enhance the natural surrounds.

Preserving the local character.

By creating ‘infill’ developments at suitable development sites within the Town of Cambridge, the existing character of these much loved neighbourhoods which consists of larger family homes and wide streets with mature tree canopies, can be preserved.

The approach allows development to be concentrated in suitable locations to create vibrant community hubs.

The planning process.

In response to the community feedback, we are preparing plans for:

  • A neighbourhood precinct focused around a central garden space where people can shop, meet and relax.
  • An expansive public open space and playground area that will enhance the use of Ocean Village Park.
  • A high quality supermarket to meet the everyday needs of local residents.
  • A diverse array of casual and formal dining offerings.
  • High quality housing options to meet the needs of locals seeking to down-size in the community they love.
  • A development underpinned by environmentally sustainable design principles.

A development of its place

City Beach is one of Perth’s marquee communities, though it retains a relaxed and nostalgic charm. It’s imperative this new development remains true to the characteristics of the neighbourhood.

Initial concept exploration.

The project team has taken onboard the extensive feedback provided during the consultation process, and is in the early stages of preparing a concept to be presented to the community.

The concept will include public space and ground floor uses, exploration of architectural design, a traffic analysis, environmental study and other technical considerations.

Preliminary design representations

At this stage of the concept development process, any depiction of the site potential is entirely indicative only, but early artist impressions responding to the Town of Cambridge’s guidelines demonstrate the commitment to green spaces, public amenity and places for the community to come together.

What’s next?

As the plans for the new neighbourhood centre are prepared, Blackburne looks forward to further community consultation in line with our commitment to a collaborative development approach.

This includes the sharing of the proposed plan once complete, along with presentations and question-and-answer sessions where locals will have the opportunity to find out more and hear from the project team directly.

To stay informed as this process progresses, simply register here.